Here’s the list of my mostly demanded various utilities, oriented primarily to Novell’s products and solutions, which I created for over 20 years working as a network engineer and lead developer. Please consider they are all now stopped and just mentioned here briefly as a legacy stuff, because of those Novell’s technologies closing. So you may always obtain all necessary further comprehensive details by contacting me. From the other hand currently I’m providing a freelance programming service, targeting different environments (NetWare, Windows, Linux and Unix) involving a huge fundamental and cutting-edge technology stack. For more detailed information and checking my most recent CV please visit Services page or contact me right out.


MultyKVYPing Pinging the IP addresses range Download Free
DNSBLChecker Checking hosts in DNS blacklist and Whois databases Download Free
KVYcam Program for video splitting with capture of webcam, desktop and video clips, see details Download Free
ControlFramesrv Frame Server control utility for MS Windows 10, see details Download Free
Webcam test Webcam test Adobe Flash Player see details Free
Webcam test Webcam test HTML5 (Firefox only) see details Free


The projects RTMonitor, Trapper, UserKVYMonitor, RTMNemesis, BmgrSaver and UserKVYList are stopped and not currently maintained anymore. For getting the full versions please contact me.

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